ul. Pilsudskiego 14

Zakopane, Poland, Daglezja Hotel

The hotel is located in the town centre, a few minutes' walk from the pedestrian main street (see the sector 4D in the map of Zakopane). Pilsudskiego street will take you to the ski jumps in Zakopane that have hosted numerous important sporting events such as world championships and world cups and that are some of the very few natural ski jumps in the world.

Conference room equipment for presentations:

  • Multimedia LCD projector connected to laptop (MS Win XP) with CD-ROM. Computer based presentations through authors personal laptop equipments are also possible (The full compatibility between author's own equipments and on-site display facilities should be carefully checked before the start of the session).
  • Overhead projector

Conference site - how to get there:

For guests arriving by plane the two most convenient airports are - Warsaw airport and Cracow airport (list of other airports in Poland is available e.g. at

version A: by to Cracow
See the info ("Balice Airport" international terminal or domestic terminal) for details on how to get to "Dworzec Główny" Railway Station (i.e. "Kraków Główny" in railway timetable). Then by coach to Zakopane. Coaches to Zakopane have departures just opposite the "Dworzec Główny" Railway Station. Ticket price: 9-10 zlotys. Departures every 40-50 minutes. The trip takes approx. 2,5-3 hours. Last coach from Cracow to Zakopane leaves between 7pm and 8pm - depending on the coach line.

version B: by to Warsaw and then by to Cracow

Step 1. The city bus "175" will take you directly to the city center ("Warszawa Centralna" railway station). Time of the trip: about 20-25 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Ticket prices in zlotys - tickets can be purchased at the newsagent's (called kiosk) at the airport:

regular - 2,40
baggage - 2,40
regular - night line - 4,80
baggage - night line - 2,40

The bus stop is on the lower level ( arrivals' level ) in front of the terminal.

Taxi transport to city center is also available. Approx. prices: around PLN20 - depending on the traffic.
Don't use the services of the taxi drivers who try to accost passengers in the arrival hall - they would overcharge you.

Step 2. From the "Warszawa Centralna" railway station (*) to Cracow - search the railway timetable for connection. In the section "Route" please, write From: "Warszawa Centralna" To: "Kraków Główny".
Approximate prices in zlotys are available on the www page with the railway timetable (when you get the list of departures for the selected day and time, please enter the link 'fares'. Then the prices will be displayed on the bottom of the page, in section 'Informacja o cenie biletu').

Step 3. From the "Kraków Główny" railway station to Zakopane - see version A above.

(*) The train types are:
  • Pociąg osobowy - local train. These are local trains that usually stop in each town as you travel down the line. This is definitely the slow and uncomfortable way to travel, but a good way to meet the local population. This train will most likely have second class only.

  • Pociąg pośpieszny - fast train. This class of train is a faster way to get around a region. It will still stop at most moderate-size stations, but does not stop at every station. Most of these trains have first class cars.

  • Pociąg expresowy - express train. These are express trains that run between the major cities, stopping only at major towns along the way. A higher (by 33%) fare must be paid to ride these trains, and seat reservations are mandatory. Usually there will be a buffet car. There will be first and second class coaches.

  • Pociąg Inter-City/Euro-City - top-quality expresses. The IC/EC trains were introduced to the PKP in the early 90's. They feature the newest and most comfortable equipment (some of these trains have new, air-conditioned cars), stop rarely, and travel very fast. Often there will be a full-service restaurant car, and there is always at least a buffet car. A higher supplement must be paid for these trains, and seat reservations are mandatory. You will also be served a complimentary snack at your seat.

Weather forecast for Poland for the next 48 hours is available at:

Currency rates, Polish banknotes and coins:

You may find some useful Polish phrases here. Enjoy!