IIS'2010 Intelligent Information Systems 2010


Papers on these and related subjects are particularly encouraged:

Tools and Methods of AI

  • Multiagent systems
  • Evolutionary and reconfigurable distributed systems
  • Parallel and distributed graph transformations
  • Recognition classification and regression systems
  • New optimization technologies
  • Applied data mining using statistical and non-standard approaches
  • Intelligent control systems.
  • Cellular automata
  • Neural networks
  • Adaptive design processes

Knowledge Discovery

  • Machine learning and statistical tools in knowledge discovery
  • Knowledge representation and its impact on discovery processes
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • New knowledge discovery paradigms
  • Learning from data versus learning from knowledge sources
  • Autonomous knowledge discovery robots
  • Knowledge discovery tools in OLAP
  • Knowledge acquisition from the Web
  • Applications of knowledge acquisition methodologies and software

Specification and verification of concurrent systems

  • Mathematical models of concurrency
  • Timed hybrid and stochastic systems
  • Software and hardware verification
  • Modelling and specification formalisms
  • Theory of programming
  • Verification techniques for security
  • Model checking simulation and testing
  • Analysis and verification tools

Search Engines

  • Large scale search engines
  • Personal search tools
  • Intelligent spiders
  • On-line and off-line document clustering
  • Static and dynamic document maps
  • Intelligent navigation through hypertext document collections
  • Linguistic research on Web documents
  • Web mining
  • Question answering versus document retrieval

Natural Language Processing

  • Syntax, semantics and the lexicon
  • Statistical and machine learning methods
  • Information extraction and text mining
  • Spoken language processing and understanding
  • Question answering systems
  • Dialogue systems
  • Text summarization
  • Machine and machine-aided translation tools
  • Corpus-based language processing
  • Language resources development
  • Evaluation methods